Monday, February 23, 2015

Web Design Services in Cambrige

Website review: by web design cambridge.

I really love this website, it just gets you hooked the first time you visit. The black colour scheme denotes quality, mystery and music. It has a very big screen resolution technically it is non-responsive so I can only guess that their backend dprogramming team have been beavering way and produced a bespoke mobile version for all their users on the go who are using mobiles, tablts and perhaps laptops. The navigation is nice and big and clear with various fascinating options for the user to choose and these are made even more eye-catching with a large drop down menu. This is no ordinary drop down menu it is a mega menu and is complete with thumbnail images and jazzy navigation items to really wow the user.

The template has lots of good imagery and bite-size chunks of information to lead the viewer in to making their page/navigation choice. This makes the website very content easy to update and refreshto keep the latest music newsat the for front for the user. There is also a jquery slishow news image gallery on the front page to add movement and interest this shows a sequence of new news images with a bite size caption. The cool thing is you roll over any thumbnail ang reveal the associated newd story immediately and then click throu and visit the appropriate story if you so choose. The branding of the site owes much to the original and now very , very well known if not legendary MTV cult  signature.

Please do consider web design cambridge for  all your business online requirements.